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  Eric Benet - In The End 
작성일시 : 2007. 3. 5. 21:03 | 분류 : HyperSound | 태그 :

I heard some news from a friend of mine
Strugglin' with the woes of life
Just broken down as the rain kept steady pourin'
We questioned and we philsophized
But the only truth that we surmised
Is rain will fall so the rose will keep on growing

Sometimes it's hard to understand
How fate can deal with such a heavy hand

But in the end
You're gonna find that strength that lies within
And in the end
All you need is the comfort of a friend
And in the end
You won't break 'cause you're learning how to bend
And the hand of God will guide you always
In the end

Now I know a woman so abused
By the hands and words her husband used
Till the day would come when she could take no more
With two little girls she was left to feed
She taught them strength and self-esteem
Now she's an inspiration to everyone she meets

I know that life has a funny way of bringing out the
best by bringing on the pain


jjungs (2007.03.23 02:42) R | X
어쿼스틱 소리가 너무 좋네요. ^^ 괜히 기타가 치고 싶어지는... 헤헤~
hyper1004 (2007.03.24 01:24 신고) X
오오 혹시 칠줄 아시나요?+_+
악기 잘 다루는 분 보면 괜히 부러워져요..^^

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