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  Coldplay - Trouble (live) 
작성일시 : 2007. 4. 17. 23:42 | 분류 : HyperSound | 태그 :

oh no, i see,
a spiderweb, it's tangled up with me,
and I lost my head,
the thought of all the stupid things i said,
oh no what's this?
a spider web, and i'm caught in the middle,
so i turned to run,
the thought of all the stupid things i've done,

i never meant to cause you trouble,
and i never meant to do you wrong,
and i, well if i ever caused you trouble,
o no, i never meant to do you harm.

oh no i see,
a spider web and it's me in the middle,
so i twist and turn,
here i am in my little bubble,

singing, i never meant to cause you trouble,
i never meant to do you wrong,
and I, well if i ever caused you trouble,
although I never meant to do you harm.

they spun a web for me,
they spun a web for me,
they spun a web for me.

that accent..there's something about it~!!

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